COM (Component Object Model)

BricsCAD (Windows)


COM is a software architecture developed by Microsoft to build component-based applications. COM objects are discrete components, each with a unique identity, which expose interfaces that allow applications and other components to access their features. COM objects are more versatile than Win32 DLLs because they are completely language-independent, have built-in interprocess communications capability, and easily fit into an object-oriented program design. ActiveX also is based on COM.


The BricsCAD COM interfaces are very close to the 'AutoCAD COM model', offering an easy way to run the same client code on both platforms.


In this version of the COM help emphasis has been to bring the COM documentation up to level with the underlying COM object. Note that this on-line help does NOT claim to be complete. Please refer to VBA's Object Browser to explore the full set of implemented COM interfaces.

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