If the strings val1 and val2 are identical, the string returns 1; otherwise, it returns 0.

$(EQ, val1, val2)


The following expression gets the name of the current layer; if the name matches the string value stored in the USERS1 (USERS1-5) system variable, it returns 1. Assume the string "PART12" is stored in USERS1 and the current layer is the same. $(eq, $(getvar,users1),$(getvar,clayer))Returns 1





Code Returns Remark
$(eq,30,30.0) 0 note $(=,30,30.0) evaluates to 1
$(eq,10,a) 0  
$(eq,ABC,abc) 0  
$(eq,ABC,$(upper,abc)) 1  
$(eq,$(getvar,thickness),5) 0 when THICKNESS=5.000
$(eq,$(fix,$(getvar,thickness)),5) 1 when THICKNESS=5.000


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