Evaluates and returns the argument selected by which.

$(NTH, which, arg0 [, arg1,..., arg7])


If which is 0, nth returns arg0, and so on. Note the difference between $(nth) and $(index); $(nth)returns one of a series of arguments to the function, while $(index) extracts a value from a comma-delimited string passed as a single argument. Arguments not selected by which are not evaluated.


Code Returns
$(nth,0,eni,meni,mini,mo) eni
$(nth,1,eni,meni,mini,mo) meni
$(nth,3,eni,meni,mini,mo) mo
$(nth,3,$(+,100,0),$(+,100,1),$(+,100,2),$(+,100,3)) 103


See also...

$(index, which, string)

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