PlotToDevice method

Plots a layout to a device.



BooleanVariable = object.PlotToDevice(plotFile [,plotConfig])


   object is a AcadPlot object

     plotFile is a String input-only;The name of the file to plot the active layout to. When plotting multiple layouts, the file name for each plot will be generated by concatenating the drawing and layout name.

    plotConfig is a String input-only; optional; The full path and file name of the PC3 file to use instead of the current configuration. If this parameter is not provided, the current configuration will be used. If the configuration file is not found at the specified path, the method will search the printer configuration path for the file before it defaults to the current configuration.

   BooleanVariable is a Boolean:

TRUE: The plot was successfully sent to the device.

FALSE: The plot was not sent to the device. Either the plot process failed or the plot was cancelled.  



PlotToDevice example



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