Application object

Class AcadApplication

Member of BricscadApp

The Application object represents an instance of the BricsCAD application.

The properties associated with the Application object reflect the properties of the main application window. The methods control the loading or listing of the currently loaded external applications and interface objects. The active document (BricsCAD drawing) can be accessed using the ActiveDocument property.

Use the Quit method to end the BricsCAD session.

Methods Properties Events
DefineFunction ActiveDocument AppActivate
GetAcadState Application AppDeactivate
GetInterfaceobject Caption ARXLoaded
ListArx Documents ARXUnloaded
LoadArx FullName BeginCommand
LoadDVB Height BeginFileDrop
Quit HWND BeginLisp
RunCommand LocaleID BeginModal
RunMacro MenuBar BeginOpen
RunScript MenuGroups BeginPlot
UndefineFunction Name BeginQuit
UnloadArx Path BeginSave
UnloadDVB Preferences EndCommand
Update StatusId * EndLisp
ZoomAll VBE * EndModal
ZoomCenter Version EndOpen
ZoomExtents Visible EndPlot
ZoomPickWindow Width EndSave
ZoomPrevious   LispCancelled
ZoomScaled   NewDrawing
ZoomWindow WindowTop SysVarChanged

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