MenuGroups object

Class AcadMenuGroups

Member of BricscadApp

The MenuGroups collection contains all the menu groups that are loaded in the current BricsCAD session.

Menu groups contain all the menus that are available to the BricsCAD session, some or all of which may be displayed on the menu bar. In addition to the menus, the menu groups also contain all the toolbars that are available to the current BricsCAD session.

To load a new menu group into this collection, use the Load method.

Menu groups are loaded into the BricsCAD session using the Load method. This method loads a specified customization file that contains the menu group. The menu group is then added to the MenuGroups collection. Once loaded, individual menus can be inserted into the menu bar and toolbars can be displayed. The Load method also provides a mechanism to load the menu group as the base menu in the same manner as the MENU command in BricsCAD.

To unload a menu group from this collection, use the Unload method found on the MenuGroup object. To edit or query the menu groups in this collection, use the following methods and properties:

Methods Properties
Item Application
Load Count

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