PolygonMesh object

Class AcadPolygonMesh

Member of BricscadDb

The PolygonMesh object is a free-form mesh consisting of a series of connected polygon faces. It is identified as an M x N mesh where M represents the number of vertices in a row of the mesh and N represents the number of vertices in a column of the mesh. A mesh can be open or closed in either or both the M and N directions. A mesh that is closed in a given direction is considered to be continuous from the last row or column on to the first row or column.

To create a PolygonMesh object, use the Add3DMesh method. To access a PolygonMesh object, use the following methods and properties:

Methods Properties
AppendVertex Application
ArrayPolar Coordinate
ArrayRectangular Coordinates
Copy Document
Delete Handle
Erase HasExtensionDictionary
Explode Hyperlinks
GetBoundingBox Layer
GetExtensionDictionary Linetype
GetXData LinetypeScale
Highlight Lineweight
IntersectWith Material
Mirror MClose
Mirror3D MDensity
Move MVertexCount
Rotate Nclose
Rotate3D NDensity
ScaleEntity NVertexCount
SetXData Parent
TransformBy PlotStyleName
Update TrueColor

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