Spline object

Class AcadSpline

Member of BricscadDb

The Spline object is a free-form curve generated along the path of three or more control points. The curve passes through the start and end points, but does not necessarily pass through the intermediate control points. To create a Spline object, use the AddSpline or method. To access a spline, use the following methods and properties:

Methods Properties
AddFitPoint Application
ArrayPolar Area
ArrayRectangular Closed
Copy ControlPoints
Delete Degree
DeleteFitPoint Document
ElevateOrder EndTangent
GetBoundingBox FitPoints
GetControlPoint FitTolerance
GetExtensionDictionary Handle
GetFitPoint HasExtensionDictionary
GetWeight Hyperlinks
GetXData IsPeriodic
Highlight Isplanar
IntersectWith IsRational
Mirror Knots
Mirror3D Layer
Move Linetype
Offset LinetypeScale
PurgeFitData Lineweight
Reverse NumberOfControlPoints
Rotate NumberOfFitPoints
Rotate3D ObjectID
ScaleEntity ObjectName
SetControlPoint OwnerID
SetFitPoint PlotStyleName
SetWeight StartTangent
SetXData TrueColor
TransformBy Visible
Update Weights

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