Using ActiveX Automation

Works with BricsCAD (Windows) Pro or higher.


ActiveX Automation, formerly known as OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) Automation, allows you to manipulate programmable objects from internal environments such as VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) or external environments such as Microsoft® Visual Basic and other applications that incorporate VBA. Using ActiveX Automation, you can create and manipulate BricsCAD objects from any application that serves as an automation controller. With ActiveX Automation, you can combine the features of many applications in a single application for communication with other programs.

Within BricsCAD, you can use VBA to edit and manipulate embedded ActiveX objects - including Microsoft® Word documents and Microsoft Excel charts - contained in BricsCAD drawings.

The stand-alone editions of Visual Basic, which must be purchased separately, complement BricsCAD VBA with additional components such as an external database engine and report-writing capabilities.


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