Using Named Views

Just as you can name and save a view in a BricsCAD drawing, you can also do this through VBA.

Creating and Naming Views

Views are named when they are created. To create a new view, use the Add method to add a new view to the Views collection object. When you save the drawing, the viewing position and scale of the view are saved. When you no longer need the view, you can delete it.

Deleting Views

To delete a named view, use the Delete method. The Delete method for the View object lies on the View object itself, not its parent. For example, to delete a view (SIDEVIEW) from the current views collection, use the following line of code:


You can also delete named view (FRONTVIEW), as shown in the following line of code:


Either of the above methods can be used at any time. If you have saved a reference to a view you can delete the view directly. Otherwise, you can always go through the Views collection to delete the view.


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