An edit_box is an editable text field optionally preceeded by a text label. it can be used to get any text input from a user of the dcl dialog.
A button is a child tile.

related attributes


  1. A callback with reason CBR_SELECT will be sent when hitting enter in an edit_box that has focus.
  2. A callback with reason CBR_LOST_FOCUS will be sent if an edit_box loses focus. Mind that this event will not be sent if the focus gets lost by performing a callback in response to CBR_SELECT. If an edit_box loses focus in response to hitting enter while it has focus, the CBR_LOST_FOCUS callback will not be triggered. Rationale: in response to enter, a callback with reason CBR_SELECT will be triggered so an additional callback is not needed.
  3. When an edit_box with the allow_accept attribute has focus, hitting enter will trigger a callback with the ok button as sender. If no ok button has been defined, done_dialog will be called. The ok button callback happens in addition to the normal CBR_SELECT callback of the edit_box.

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