A DCL list_box component represents a list of text lines with single or multiple selection. A list_box can be clicked in combination with CTRL and/or SHIFT to manipulate its selection. A list_box can be single-column or multi-column. In a multi-column list_box an entire row is always selected, it is not possible to select individual cells. To manipulate selection, cursor keys can be used, also in combination with CTRL and/or SHIFT. Also, character keys can be used to cycle through the rows that begin with that particular character.
In BricsCAD an genuine multi-column control is used. As a result it is possible to have resizable columns and real column labels. BricsCAD tries to detect single-line column labels in the label attribute of legacy dcl code. To specify single- or multi-line column labels, the bcad_label attribute can be used.
A list_box is a child tile.

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