Typical usage sequence

A typical usage sequence to display a DCL dialog is as follows:
  1. get a file-id
    by calling load_dialog with the path to a dcl file as argument (load_dialog "c:/my_dialog.dcl") -> return value 1 If the return value is 0 or less, then the file could not be loaded.

  2. get a dialog-handle
    by calling new_dialog with a dialog name and the received file-id as argument (new_dialog "my_dialog" 1)

  3. set various callback functions
    by calling action_tile with a key of some tile (GUI component) and the received dialog-handle as argument

  4. start a modal flow on the dialog
    by calling start_dialog (start_dialog)

  5. receive and process user input
    through the callback functions and using various DCL API calls to alter the state of the dialog

  6. terminate the dialog
    by calling done_dialog with the dialog-handle as argument The default callback automatically calls done_dialog when cancel or ok is clicked.

  7. unload the dcl file
    by calling unload_dialog with the file-id as argument (unload_dialog 1)

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