Programming overview of DCL language

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DCL is an acronym for Dialog Control Language, a separate programming language that you can use with BricsCAD to create custom dialog boxes. In creating dialog boxes with DCL, you work with elements called tiles, cluster tiles (or clusters), and attributes.


"DCL" or "Dialog Control Language" is a means to display custom dialog boxes inside the CAD application. The usage of DCL requires a DCL file and the calling of specialised DCL functions. The DCL file describes how the dialog should look like, what it should contain (buttons, sliders, edit-boxes...). The specialised DCL commands are used to load (parse) a DCL file and create runtime instances of the user interface as it is defined in the DCL file. The DCL functions are most typically called from a Lisp application, but they can also be accessed through BRX, COM. The samples in this document are all lisp oriented since this is the most typical usage.

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