MText object

Class AcadMText

Member of BricscadDb

The MText object represents multi-line text, or a paragraph of characters that fits within a boundary. To create an MText object, use the AddMText or method. To modify or obtain information about a point entity, use the following methods and properties:

Methods Properties Events
ArrayPolar Application Modified
ArrayRectangular AttachmentPoint  
Copy BackgroundFill  
Delete Document  
GetBoundingBox DrawingDirection  
GetExtensionDictionary Handle  
GetXData HasExtensionDictionary  
Highlight Height  
IntersectWith Hyperlinks  
Mirror InsertionPoint  
Mirror3D Layer  
Move Linetype  
Rotate LinetypeScale  
Rotate3D Lineweight  
ScaleEntity Normal  
SetXData Parent  
TransformBy PlotStyleName  
Update Rotation  

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