Normal property

Property Normal As Vector

     Specifies or returns the x, y, and z coordinates of the normal direction vector for the entity.



objectVariable = object.Normal

object.Normal = <variant>



     objectVariable Variant (three-element array of doubles) representing a 3D normal unit vector in WCS;

     object is the applicable entity object;

applies to following objects:

Arc, Attribute, AttributeReference, BlockRef, Circle, Dim3PointAngular, DimAligned, DimAngular, DimArcLength, DimDiametric, DimOrdinate, DimRadial, DimRadialLarge, DimRotated, Ellipse, ExternalReference, Hatch, Leader, LightweightPolyline, Line , MInsertBlock, MText, Point, Polyline, Region, Section, Shape, Solid, Text, Tolerance, Trace.



Normal property example


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