Block Refercence object

Class AcadBlockReference

Member of BricscadDb

The BlockReference (=BlockInsert) object represents an instance of a block definition inserted into a drawing. To create a block reference, use the InsertBlock method. To query or edit an existing block reference, use the following methods and properties:

Methods Properties
ArrayPolar Application
ArrayRectangular Color
Copy Document
Delete EffectiveName



Explode HasAttributes
GetAttributes HasExtensionDictionary
GetBoundingBox Hyperlinks
GetExtensionDictionary InsertionPoint
GetXData Layer
Highlight Linetype
IntersectWith LinetypeScale
Mirror Lineweight
Mirror3D Name
Move Normal
Rotate ObjectName
Rotate3D Parent
ScaleEntity PlotStyleName
SetXData Rotation
TransformBy Visible
Update XScaleFactor

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