This string attribute can be used on a list_box only, to specify the column labels of a multi-column list_box. The sub labels are separated by the tab "\t" character. A newline "\n" character may appera inside a sub label. If this attribute exists, the label attribute of a list_box will be ignored. See list_box for an explanation about the use of related attributes bcad_label, bcad_skip_next_child, label, tabs, tab_truncate. If it exists it either sets the text contents of a tile, either it displays a general label control in front of a tile-specific control. For instance, the label attribute of a toggle, sets the text contents of its associated checkbox control. The label attribute of an edit_box places a text label in front of its associated edit control.

related tiles

The bcad_label attribute has a predefined meaning on a list_box only.
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